Christmas Is Just Around The Corner, Here Are Some Fun Ways To Entertain Around Your Pool!


It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is when you get to spend quality time with family and friends celebrating joyous occasions. Christmas time is also when you can entertain at home by organizing parties. Instead of having parties inside that tend to become too formal, you can plan poolside parties. An outdoor party by the cool waters of the pool will allow your guests to have more fun. What’s a party without entertainment! Here are some great ways to organize a poolside party so your guests have fun.

Why have a party by the poolside?

Before getting into ideas for a fun party, here’s is why you should plan a party by the pool.

  • Parties inside the home become very formal. The space inside is limited and you can have a fewer number of guests. The more guests the more is the lack of space making them uncomfortable. A party by the poolside is more relaxing. You can have more guests in and there would be plenty of space for everyone.
  • Inside the home, you can have limited chairs and you need to have the air conditioning on throughout. By the pool, you can have plastic chairs and wick chairs. Some of the guests may even want to spend the party inside the pool. There is no need for air conditioning and you get to cut down your power bill.
  • Instead of a conventional dinner, you can plan a barbeque since you are doing the party outside. It will make your party more fun.

Making things ready

If you have a pool deck, that would be the center place of your party. Decorate the area well. Just as you would decorate inside, decorate the deck area with different décor items. You can even get a small Christmas tree and decorate it. This will highlight the Christmas theme. If you have lots of kids attending, you can even ask someone to dress as Santa to give them gifts.

You can line up a couple of tables and arrange food as a buffet. Keep disposable plates, cups, and spoons, so you don’t have to worry about washing up. Make sure you keep a big dustbin. You can keep chairs all around the pool for guests to sit down and eat. Most guests will prefer walking around while eating.

Get a portable speaker. Keep a playlist of songs ready. One of you can be the DJ, take requests, and play songs. This adds to the fun in the party.

If you have a poolside party, many guests may want to use the pool. Kids would especially love to spend time in the pool. Keep towels ready. Arrange floor mats, so your guests don’t make too much of a mess. Plan a changing area for guests to get into their pool wear. With a lot of kids around, pool safety is important. Make sure all your safety measures are in place. When kids are playing, ask one of the adults to join them in the pool to be on the safe side.


Plan the food well

At a poolside party, people don’t expect a heavy dinner. Plan a lot of finger food. This is tasty, filling, and a great idea for a party. Barbequed kebabs, prawn skewers, and veggies are a great addition to the menu—plan different types of sandwiches and rolls. Finger food is easy to eat, and you don’t even need plates to serve them.

Light up the pool

A party by the poolside needs lighting. Apart from the usual lights in the backyard, lighting up your pool will make the party all the better. You can get LED lights for your pool that save power and offer complete illumination. You can get color LED lights that literally adds color to the party. and You can change the mood of the party by changing light colors.

Use pool balloons

Get plenty of balloons of different colors. Blow them up and drop them in the pool. Colorful balloons in the pool are a simple décor idea. Easy to implement and makes the entire pool area look great.

Plan a movie

There is nothing more fun than watching a movie or a favorite show with your friends. Get a large screen and arrange chairs by the pool deck. Project a movie or show on the screen. Sit back with your family and friends and have fun watching the movie. You can serve snacks during the movie.

Keep pool toys

Pool toys and floatation devices are great for kids to enjoy. Even adults would enjoy using these toys! With pool toys, kids are safer in the pool. Have beach balls, pool noodles, and tubes for the kids to have a lot of fun. You can even plan games for kids and offer prizes.

Plan a theme party

To have more fun, you can plan a theme party. Decide a theme for the party and inform the guests in advance. Let them dress as per the theme colors. Decorate the place with items related to the theme.

Add a fire pit

A fire pit by the poolside helps light up a nighttime pool party. You don’t need to buy a fire pit. You can make it yourself. All you need to do is get rocks and line them up to form a circle. Place a container inside. Add logs inside and light them up to form a fire pit. Keep the fire pit at a place where kids can’t reach.

Plan games

You can plan games to make the party more fun—plan games by the pool and in the pool. Let your guests compete with each other to win games. Have goodies ready to give them as gifts to the winners.

The ideas in this article can help you plan a great Christmas party by your fibreglass swimming pool. Your guests are sure to have fun and have a great time. Start planning today, and enjoy the party!

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