Barrier Reef Pools – Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for Brisbane

Fibreglass Pools

Swimming pools are a hot ticket item when it comes to property upgrades, now more so than ever. With more of us spending time at home, having a pool allows you to transform otherwise mundane days into ones full of exercise, fun and entertainment. If you are considering installing a pool at your place, our team of expert pool builders here at Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane can help. We engineer and install state of the art swimming pools and spas, and we have options to suit every style and budget.

Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane

Our dedication to producing the most sophisticated pool on the market along with providing exceptional customer service has seen us become an internationally recognised brand that people from all over the world know and trust. When you install a pool with us, only highly skilled trade professionals that have a wealth of pool building knowledge will be a part of the construction.

You can be assured that you will be getting the most superior quality pool, and it will be built to the highest national building standards. Our pool collection is generous, and it’s constantly growing to bring Brissy locals the most contemporary swimming pool available. Our Brisbane Fibreglass Pools are easier to clean and more economical to run. They all come with non-slip surfaces and steps as well as a child safety ledge running on the inside of the pool wall.

Installing a pool is a big deal, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. The size, colour, add-ons, fencing and paving are just some of the many. Our friendly team will guide you through each step throughout the building process to ensure that your new pool is everything you could have dreamed of and more. When building a new pool in Brisbane, some things need to happen before construction can start. Here are some of them:

Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for Brisbane

In each state and territory across Australia, there are safety and planning laws that apply when building new swimming pools and spas. They vary though and, are not all the same. This is Brisbane’s:

Almost every part of the country requires you to have a permit of some sort to build a swimming pool. In Brisbane, you’ll need to obtain the following permits from your local council or a private building certifier.

  1. A structural stability permit
  2. A sewerage and water supply approval
  3. A building permit

Construction can only commence once all of these have been approved. The turn-around that it takes to get these approved can vary depending on the time of year. When it is peak pool building season, these may take longer to come back than at other times of the year. Once your pool has been built it needs to have a safety barrier erected around it. It will need to be inspected to ensure it meets stringent Australian standards for pool fencing.

All new pools and spas need to be registered on the Queensland Pool Safety Register. Your pool builder can help you with all of this and will discuss what obligations need to be fulfilled along the way. You can find more in-depth information about this subject if you would like here at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website

Which fibreglass pool is best suited to me in Brisbane?

The iconic swimming pool has evolved, and the once signature family sized swimming pool is slowly being taken over by more compact and modest-sized swimming pools. This is mainly due to shrinking lot sizes. Not everyone has a huge backyard anymore, and to accommodate, smaller pools are being chosen by prospective pool owners.

Regardless of how much room you have available for a pool, we have something for every block, big or small. When determining what kind of pool is best for your family, some great starting points are your budget, how much room you have and what you will use the pool for the most. This should help you come up with a shortlist.

If you have done this and are still undecided, some popular choices include plunge pools and medium to large pools. Plunge pools are great for modern-day backyards as they are designed to fit on smaller blocks while providing much more room than a spa. They have large seating wrapping around the portion of the pool, and the rest is a dedicated swimming area that allows for both relaxation and fun.

Our larger pools have always and continue to be a top-favourite amongst those with a bit more space to work with. They have no restrictions on their use and are perfect for entertaining. There’s something enticing about having a big pool in the backyard for many homeowners.

Can I use my pool all year round with Brisbane’s weather?

Some people will happily swim year-round as the colder weather doesn’t phase them however, for most, swimming in winter is something that doesn’t happen. Luckily here in Brisbane, the cooler months are typically mild, and the period that you don’t use the pool is insignificant, but if you would like to be able to swim comfortably during this time, you may find that pool heating is a good option.

Many find it beneficial for evening dips in the pool and to be able to paddle around without having to do a high-intensity workout just to keep warm. There are several options, including heating systems, pumps and covers. They all work in different ways and have different price points so, before purchasing one, it’s a good idea to do some homework first to ensure you are getting a solution that suits your requirements sufficiently.

The great thing about heating a fibreglass pool is that it naturally insulates and retains warmth so, you’ll get a fantastic result. Our team can offer friendly advice on this if you’d like some more information.

We are Brissy locals ourselves here at Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane, and we love servicing this glorious part of the country. Our team take immense pride in building swimming pools that are not only a statement piece in the backyard but are an oasis that can be used for making lasting memories. There is no better time than now to install a swimming pool. Contact us today to get started.