Cheap Swimming Pools Are They Worth It?


If you are thinking of setting up a swimming pool at home, the cost of the pool is probably the first thing you will consider. Installing a swimming pool may cost a lot. This is why you might be considering installing a cheap swimming pool in your backyard. In this article, let us explore if cheap swimming pools are worth it.

If you are looking to buy a low-cost swimming pool, this article is for you. Many factors influence the price of a pool. Understanding these factors will help you decide what pool you can install at home. You can choose a pool that is worth it while also saving you from spending exorbitant amounts.

Factors that influence the cost of a pool.

These factors will determine the cost of the pool. Between a high cost and a low-cost pool, there are many differences. Some differences are more influential than others.


The general rule of thumb is that larger pools are more expensive than smaller pools. This is because larger pools require more labor, material, and time to construct. Larger pools also require more water. They need more chemicals and frequent cleaning to keep the pool clean, which can further increase costs.


Simple pool designs like a rectangle will greatly cut costs of installation. If you want to add extra features to your pool, the costs will increase. These features include jets, steps, and other elaborate frills to add to the look of the pool. If the design is not all that important to you, you can cut costs by installing a simply designed pool.

In-ground pools vs above-ground pools

Constructing an in-ground pool is more labor-intensive. These will cost more. If you want to cut costs, think of installing an above-ground pool. These pools only require a flat area of land, like a concrete slab, on which the pool can be placed.

The material of the pool

You might have heard that plastic pools are much cheaper than fibreglass or concrete pools. The problem with this is, plastic pools don’t last long. They are not worth it in the long-run. Consider installing a fibreglass pool since it is more affordable than concrete pools. Both fibreglass and concrete pools last much longer than plastic pools.

Location Access

Transporting and installing your pool in an area in your home that is not very accessible will increase costs. The company will require more labor and time to prep an area that is not already suitable to host a pool.

If you want to buy a cheap pool that is worth it, go for an above-ground fibreglass rectangular pool. You do not need to add extra unnecessary features to your pool. Make sure your backyard has enough space and is suitable to host the pool.


Above-ground vs in-ground pools

Constructing an above-ground pool does not require excavation. These pools can give you a variety of good options. In-ground pools, as mentioned earlier, require more excavation work.

If you decide to go for an in-ground pool, you can choose from fibreglass, vinyl-lined, and concrete. Most people choose fibreglass pools because they last a lifetime and are cheaper than concrete. Vinyl-lined pools are more prone to damage and require frequent maintenance and repairs.

The only requirement for the installation of an above ground pool is a level area and a close-by electrical hookup. You can choose to place a concrete slab instead of leveling the land. Leveling the land requires more labor. There is also no guarantee that the land will not shift causing your pool to go tilt.

Once the installation of your above-ground pool is finished, you are good to go. All you have to do is fill up the pool and jump right in. Above-ground pools also come in a variety of options, including vinyl-lined, fibreglass, and inflatable pools.

Going for the cheapest pool available will require you to spend more on maintenance and repair later-on. Consider buying a slightly more expensive above-ground pool if you want it to last longer.

Vinyl-lined pools

The pro of a vinyl-lined pool is its easy set-up. They can be transported easily to another location if you shift houses. The con of a vinyl-lined pool is that you have to replace the lining every 5 years. The lining is also more prone to damage. These pools come with their own repair kits. You have to use these repair kits in case of damaged lining to make them waterproof again.

Inflatable pools

Inflatable pools are the cheapest option out there. They can be transported easily to your backyard and be placed above-ground. The problem is that they wear out very easily. The walls and the flooring can tear very easily if you are careless. Inflatable pools can be very convenient if you are looking for convenience over practicality. They can be picked up and stored away when you are not going to use them during winter. You can also deflate them before going out of town.

Fibreglass pools

fibreglass pools are the best pools if you are looking to buy a cheap pool. They come with a fibreglass shell that can last a lifetime with proper care. fibreglass pools are pre-designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. The surfaces are algae and bacteria resistant. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in chemical cleaning and resurfacing.

fibreglass pools can also be installed on uneven and sloping terrain. They can easily be attached to a concrete slab or on the ground. When you buy a fibreglass pool, the company delivers the shell to you and the installation is quite quick. The costs can be driven up a bit if your backyard is hard to access.

Small fibreglass pools

The most cost-effective pools are small pools. These pools are one hundred percent above ground. Some companies sell these pools with a complete kit, including steps, lighting, and filtration systems. Small fibreglass swimming pools are very durable. They last for years with little maintenance.

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