5 Things You Should Consider When Relocating Your Business

Relocating Your Business

Businesses are rarely relocated on a whim, and there are usually sound and positive reasons why any form of enterprise should uproot itself lock, stock and barrel from what may well have been a previously comfortable working environment to somewhere completely new, even if that new place is only a few blocks away from the existing business site.

Business owners and managers will need to take tremendous care when considering how to best relocate their business, closely taking into account the reasons why the business had to be located.

Here are the five major things and business owners and managers should consider when relocating their business.

  1. Relocating a business has to come with a price and will that price be worth paying? If a business has a local client base then moving out of the radius of that client base may have repercussions. However if a business is moving to expand their marketing capabilities and go about it the right way they stand a very good chance of retaining their existing client base as well as finding a whole new reservoir of potential clients.
  2. If a business that is considering relocating has a trained and experienced staff, what must be taken into account is how many of that valuable trained staff will they lose with the move. Companies that relocate need to consider finding reasonable transport alternatives for their key employees.
  3. Employee convenience is another aspect that needs to be thought off. For example, if the company is not large enough to provide its own canteen facilities, that there should be shops or a restaurant around, and a shopping center being the best alternative.
  4. If the business that is relocating needs to be involved in the storage and production of heavy goods, then careful consideration should be given into ease of access for heavy vehicles for loading and unloading, as well as reasonably close proximity to major roads. Also worth checking out is if there are repair shops in the area that can handle the vans and trucks in the company fleet as well as fork lift trucks and other items of valuable equipment.
  5. If a company is relocating as part of an expansion drive, they should make sure that there is a ready source for reasonable quality skilled and unskilled labour in the surrounding areas of the proposed new premises. If the costs of renting or buying the new business premises are so temptingly low, it may be worthwhile for the company management to consider relocating a few key staff members to ensure that the transitional period goes smoothly.

Once all of these factors, as well as a number of others, have been weighed up and the relocation successfully completed, the recently relocated business can smoothly begin a fresh chapter in their history ,and hopefully one that will have made all the planning and investment that went into the relocation, very worthwhile.

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