Moving to Miami? Top 15 Benefits of moving to South Florida and Miami

Moving to Miami

Florida is an amusement park like Disney World and Universal and miles of beaches, shopping, and hospitable people. Here are a few basic facts about a stomp pad and its use in Miami and Orlando and the Everglades and Key West. Who hasn’t heard of Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and South Beach? These places are great for beach hanging out and swimming in a posh environment. The hotels are luxurious and the drinks trendy.

The art scene in other parts of the city is prominent, such as in Wynnewood. In downtown and Brick ell there are new and clean department stores for shopping and many good restaurants. The world’s cuisine is spread all over the city, and Cuban cuisine is world-famous. There are a lot of relocation realtors who can assist you in moving to Miami.

Here are few benefits of moving to South Florida.

1. Beach slope in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a town in South Florida. The beaches of Fort Lauderdale suit everyone, especially families. There are many eateries near the beach, including a lovely oyster place, G&B Oyster Bar. If you are sad on the beach, take the car to Saw grass Mills Outlet, the USA’s largest Outlet and Mall with many well-known brands at reasonable prices.

2. The Sunset in the Keys

The tropical islands of the Florida Keys are linked to the rest of the peninsula by a passable road. It is easy to get to the first and most significant island, Key Largo. Head to Snook’s Bayside Restaurant with Tiki Bar and watch pelicans in their freedom, turquoise green water and the stunning sunset

3. Sunbathing and Swimming At Miami Beach

South Beach on Miami Beach (which is an island and its very own city outside of downtown Miami) is a vast, several-kilometer-long sandy beach. Bring your lunch if you want to skip the tourist traps.

4. CostOf Living, Without Income Tax:

In South Florida, life is much better and more accessible than in the United States of America. You can save your income because there is no state percentage of your income that you have to pay. Without any income tax life, I much stress-free. Moving to Miami or Fort Lauderdale is the best option for anyone.

5. See Miami’s Famous Art Deco House

At South Beach, there is a tourist center where you can quickly sign up for a guided tour among the pastel Art Deco houses. The time takes 1.5 to 2 hours, and you can also look into several famous buildings.

6. Friendly Culture

South Florida is famous for its cultural diversity because many families and people came from different cultures and religions. If you are moving to Miami, you will admit there is great comfort in Miami. Other languages, different recipes and different religion on the same point is the best mix-up.

7. Go to NBA Basketball

See the world-famous basketball team Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Great chance for celebrity-spotting! If you are interested in moving to Miami, then contact David Carrion-Levy for your residence.

8. Go to NBA basketball

See the world-famous basketball team Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Great chance for celebrity-spotting!

9. Perhaps Florida’s Best Playground

The Plantation Woods in Fort Lauderdale has climbing frames for all ages and a fun water play area for the little ones. Bring swimwear and a picnic.

10. Go Inline Skating On Hollywood Beach?

In Fort Lauderdale, a cozy boardwalk with pastel-coloured houses and hotels, a bit like old Florida. There are plenty of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Bring your running shoes or lens and live out your Florida dream!

11. Full Day with Shopping

If you are hungry for shopping and shopping malls, Florida is a paradise. Here are some tips on stores and chain stores you can find a bit everywhere:

  1. Bath & Bodyworks: Soaps, scented candles and lotions at reasonable prices.
  2. Old Navy: A bit like H&M, has clothes for adults, children and babies – here you can stock up on base caps, t-shirts, shorts, swimwear, etc.
  3. Carter’s: Baby clothes only. In great numbers. For no money at all. Small in size!
  4. Macy’s: Department store with everything. Bags, cosmetics, kitchenware, clothing, children’s clothing and much more. Many American brands are available at better prices here than at home.
  5. Party City: Large store with items for weddings, children’s parties, Halloween, christenings, New Year’ssuper fun for the whole family.
  6. Payless Shoe Source: Here, Shoes are available at a low price, high bargain factor.
  7. Publix: Food chain with large stores and everything in the way of food. Tip! The fresh food counter makes divine sandwiches – perfect picnic food!
  8. Whole Foods: Lovely grocery store where everything is organic and organic. A little more expensive, but 7. Perhaps Florida’s best playground

12. Live bohemian life in Key West

Farthest west in the pearl band of islands called the Florida Keys lies Key West. Here, families with children, bohemians, millionaires – and tourists are mixed. The main street Duval Street is full of restaurants, shops and cafes. Continuing at the far end, you end up at Southernmost Point, the southernmost point on the continental United States.

13. Pat Hemingway’s cats

Key West was Ernest Hemingway’s home for several years, and today, his house is a museum. Here you can take a guided tour or walk around at your own pace. The garden is full of cats that come from Hemingway’s own cat with six toes.

14. Revel in seafood at Key Fisheries

Skip burgers and pizza and turn past Key Fisheries near the Marathon in the Florida Keys. A simple, reclining restaurant on a pier by a boatyard, as taken from the Netflix series Bloodline.

15. See alligators with air-boat in the Everglades

The Everglades is on the bucket list of most Florida visitors. You get here quickly by car from, for example, Miami and the road are lined with boat organizers who offer trips out into the large wetland area. The chance of seeing wild alligators is close to one hundred per cent. Moving to Miami can be one of your best decisions in life. Just contact relocation realtor David Carrion – Levy. Their dedicated team handles your all worries.