5 Reasons Why New Yorkers Are Moving To Miami Beach

Miami Beach

By now, many people have realized that Miami is a city that may not suit everyone. There is no middle ground. Either you love it, or you hate it. That’s not to say Miami is at the bottom of everyone’s list. But it is certainly not at the top either.

Many people visit Miami every year as it is the ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ place. But is it real? In recent years, even the A-list Hollywood stars have swapped Miami for Montauk or vacationed elsewhere for their much-needed vitamin D along with the surf and sand. Here several relocation realtors are available to assist you in your stay place, and provide you dream house. That’s why we have 5 reasons why Miami may be the most overrated city in the United States.

1. Go here in the winter

It is not so clearly seen on television and in cinemas, but Miami has a tropical climate. The temperature during the winter is rarely below 20 degrees, and it has never snowed here. During the summer months, it is 30-35 degrees hot.

The tropical climate is warm and lovely but has drawbacks. There is a rainy season that lasts from May to October. Above all, try to avoid a visit here during August and September when the risk is greatest for hurricanes. But if you want to move to Miami then you need relocation realtors. Take their help and move to Miami.

2. Oblong City

It is one of the world’s largest cities with more than five million inhabitants. It also has a very strange shape. The Atlantic Ocean bounds Miami to the east and the Everglades Nature Reserve to the west. It makes the city extremely elongated and only 30 km wide but more than 180 km long.

3. The Big Neighborhoods

The city center is Downtown, there are more than 50 high-rise buildings with a few hotels, but they mostly house banks and financial companies. Here in Downtown are also most of the museums and theaters.

West of Downtown is the exciting Cuban Quarter, Little Havana. To the north are Little Haiti, Midtown, and the Art District. Miami Beach is secluded from the big city and consists of a long island.

4. The Budget Trick for the Car

Before you book a hotel, double-check if parking is included in the price. You may have to pay more for a parking space than the room costs in the worst case. Most rental companies offer GPS navigators that will help you avoid getting lost, do not miss one.

If you plan to travel around a lot in Miami and Florida, there are several large affordable motel chains. At chains such as Motel 6 and Super 8, a large family room costs only around SEK 500 / night.

5. Popular Attractions

There are lots of attractions in the big city of Miami. These include Coral Castle, Jungle Island, the Miami Zoo, and the Miami Seaquarium. With a little planning, you can visit the city’s museums without paying a penny. All major art galleries and museums have free admission at any time of the week or month. Get an apartment in Miami with the help of David cryon. David Carrion-Levy is a relocation realtor in Florida, Contact David Carrion-Levy to get comfortable house.

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