How Each Season Can Affect Your Windows


What occurs during the different seasons can have a profound impact on your home. This is why many people opt to install weather seal materials for one or more of their windows. Doing so helps protect their homes from the pressure, wetness, dryness, warmth, and coolness the different seasons bring. Check out this information regarding how each season can affect your windows.


The temperature during the fall time can range from cool to very chilly. Brisk weather can harm your windows. It can cause certain parts of it to dry up and deteriorate. You may even see chipped and peeling paint. Some parts of your windows may struggle to work, including the handles and latches. You may notice a cold draft coming from your windows during the fall season. Note that such a draft can affect your home’s energy efficiency, causing your energy bills to rise.


Winter weather can lead to a wide range of problems for your windows. If the winters you experience lead to heavy snow and ice, brace yourself for water damage. Water damage not only creates unsightly stains on or near your windows, but it can also facilitate the growth of mold and stimulate rot. Freezing temperatures can cause the moisture in some of the spaces of your windows to expand, compromising their integrity and even, in some cases, breaking their weatherstripping.


The temperature during the springtime is pretty mild. But you may witness a great number of thunderstorms during this season. Thunderstorms can result in cloudy glass, a phenomenon wherein high-speed winds scratch the glass of a window, causing it to get blurry. Very powerful winds can generate cracks in your window or even break it through it. If you live in an area that experiences tornadoes during the spring, you may lose your windows entirely.


Summertime is known for its extreme heat. Such intense heat can trigger your window frames to expand, especially if they are made of untreated wood. Thermal expansion can lead to cracks in your window frame. Water and air can enter these cracks and cause further damage. Some have watched the entire structure of their window frames collapse during the summertime.

Windows can be harmed by precipitation as well as by the changes in temperature that occur throughout the year. Rest assured that you can seek professional help to prevent your windows from sustaining weather damage.