3 Things to Think About Before You Build a Deck

Build a Deck

Before you start thinking about which raised decking supports to use on your new deck plan, there are several key things you must go over before launching into a build.

To save you time and money in the long run, here are 3 things to think about before you build.

What Will You Do on Your Deck?

Deciding what you will do on the deck before you build it can be easy to skip over, especially if you are excited to have all that extra outdoor space. But in order to use that space to its full potential, you are going to want to plan out where you will place furniture, grills, storage, and other things like that before you build. This will allow you to build your deck exactly to the dimensions required for your planned activities.

If you want to host barbeques or have parties, or maybe you just want to eat family meals and relax, all of these things require certain types of space and furniture that only you will be able to decide.

Do a Walkthrough

Though it might seem like a hassle at first, getting the rough deck outline and placing furniture on the ground will give you a rough idea of how big your deck will feel when it’s done.

Take a walk around and see if you like it. Does the grill have plenty of space around it? Can you walk between chairs easily? Do you need to extend it for more space? All of these things you will only be able to answer by doing a quick run-through before you break ground.

Pick the Right Material

Decking materials come in everything from pressure-treated wood to hardwood, all the way to fully plastic composite material.

Pressure-treated wood is one of the cheapest options you can go with, but it also requires the most maintenance. It takes stains easily can you can work with it just like you do with normal wood, but it will require frequent cleaning and resealing over the years.

Hardwood will withstand the years a little better than pressure-treated, but not as well as composite. The benefit of composite decking is that it will never crack or split. You can get it in a fake wood design or plain color.

With all the available options abounding with decks, you now have the basic things you need to do before you start your new project.