When Should You Move? Where Should You Live?

Young adults beginning their professional lives and perhaps living independently for the first time typically move into apartment complexes. After a few years, they may move to a larger apartment with more features or to a condo that has more square feet than their apartment. Additionally, many couples begin married life in an apartment or condo.

Then their lives change and a small apartment no longer works for them. The couple has a baby or plans to have kids — they need more room. An apartment dweller wants to own a large dog — they need a yard and sidewalks. Young people who are well on their way to fruitful careers may be ready to invest in property of their own. These are a few of the factors that cause people to move from a multifamily dwelling into a single-family home of their own.

Once someone makes the choice to move from an apartment or condo to a house, how does he or she decide where their new home should be? Buying a house can be the biggest investment most people will ever make, so careful thought of the location is of the utmost significance. What should you look for when deciding where to live?

The below infographic, Go Big AND Go Home … Deciding When to Move and Where to Live, gives an overview of the top five reasons people move from apartments and condominiums into single-family homes. It also provides tips for what you should look for in a new neighborhood based on your personal situation. Review this infographic when you’re ready to make your move.

Graphic created by New City Moving.