Home Styling: Creating a Classic Look Modern

Creating a Classic Look Modern

Achieving a modern look in your house can be a little difficult if you have a small budget. However, there are several ways in which one can create a very chic look by using their old accessories. If you have been looking for ways to do that, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about how you can give your house a modern look without going overboard with your budget. Let’s have a look at some great ideas:

Stack Your Books Horizontally

Gone are the days when books were arranged horizontally. Today, if you want to give your house a modern look, it is recommended that you arrange them horizontally, as it will make your space look aesthetically appealing. What you can do is create stacks of books, leaving a little space in between them. If you want a geometric look, you can arrange the book horizontally as well as vertically.

Use Contemporary Art

You can use your contemporary art and hang it on the walls, and it will look great with the current furnishing. If you have old furniture, you can use modern art to balance out the look.

Use Solids

One great way to modernise the look is to use solids wherever you can. You can mix and match the texture and the finish, while making sure that it complements the existing décor. Another way in which you can decorate with solids is by layering the elements together.

Have an Eclectic Approach

Who says you have to stick with just one look? Go all global and use décor from different cultures.

Have Space

Modern looks are all about having sufficient space in the room. If you have bulky furniture, it’s about time you get rid of it and use sleeker furniture instead. One great way to give the illusion of space is to use brighter colors. If you are willing to experiment, you can paint one of the walls in a bright color and see how it adds a bit of pop to the classic ambiance of your room.

Try a Unique Furniture Layout

Sometimes, having a different furniture layout does the trick. Move the things around a bit while listening to your instinct. Who knows, you may end up with a great looking room.

Additional Tips

Here are some more tips that will help you out:

  • Add brighter lighting.
  • Add pillows to the room for a modern look.
  • Choose the colors wisely.
  • Get rid of bulky curtains and replace them with blinds and shutters.
  • Get rid of the carpet.
  • Keep the room uncluttered.

So, there you have it. These are some of the ways in which you can turn your home’s classic look to a modern one. Remember, experimentation is the key. Try them and let us know how it turned out.