Feng Shui Cures for Stairs

Feng Shui Cures for Stairs

Feng Shui Cures for Stairs

Why are your energy levels down, or will be your money flow from control? Have a peek at your staircase! Feng shui can help you diagnose the way that life problems may be impacted by the structure or location of your stairways.

In my expertise as a feng shui consultant, stairways consistently tell a story about family life and problems. Today we exemplify the most frequent situations:

Stairs from the Entrance Hall Facing Front Door

We enter through the front doorway and stairs go up to the next floor. Odds are, we encounter a split eyesight; our left eye faces the staircase up and down, our proper eye looks down the hallway toward the rear of the home. In classic feng shui interpretations, this may cause divisive problems and conflicts among relatives. A stairway facing front door generates falling energy that’s often related to money flowing out too quickly and vitality levels falling.

Feng shui recommends fixing this challenge together with all the increasing power of the wood component, a tall plant in the base and on the face of the staircase; paintings or pictures of the plant, i.e. Greatest are trees, which might be hung across the side wall of the staircase. A light fixture, e.g. A chandelier on the peak of the staircase will be visually appealing and will create increasing energy of the flame element.

The split vision challenge could be addressed by making a visual impact which will capture the attention. A cell hanging from the ceiling could create gently transferring energy and also be visually appealing.

A square rug at the entrance foyer will anchor the room and supply a visual resting place.

Stairways in the Center of the House

Stairs at the middle will always create health issues since they are in the health industry of the bagua. Feng shui cures will rely on the construction of this stairwell. Is it right? Is it curved? Does this have open threads? Or, in a worst case situation, can it be a spiral staircase that is emblematic of a freshwater thread dull down.

Cures might need to be set up based on personal requirements or problems of these occupants. Open treads appear to induce uncertainty. I experience that my pet chihuahuas are incredibly careful and fearful of stairs using open threads or wish to go down or up. Animal behavior will frequently show us where the risks are.

Our principal issue about stairways is security. If there are small children in the home, a gate near the peak of the staircase will stop a child from accidentally tumbling down. When the stairs are steep, a handrail or rather two, one on both sides, is essential. When the treads are thin, then a bonded carpet strip each thread will stop slipping and falling.

Standard feng shui practitioners might set a little mirror on the inside of the entrance door, so hoping to rebound the down back upward. Or they may resort to the feng shui cure-all of a multi-faceted crystal suspended overhead between the doorway and the stairwell.

As a rule of thumb, beware and fix draining energy in most parts of your property!